Alien Sea..

Tall Ship In An Alien Sea


 TALL  SHIP IN AN ALIEN SEA . This post is a collection of graphic images . The effect I was seeking was to take the majesty of a stately, tall ship and create a contrasting, alien and threatening environment .

Alien Sea
Tall Ship On An Alien Sea


The image created shows an increasingly stormy sea and darkening sky .The ship is being pulled further and further into alien territory .


An alien planet begins to appear in the sky  . The crew have disappeared .

The ship is pulled in by the force and power of the planet .

The ship begins to break up .


Ship In An Alien Sea Alien Sea

The wreckage of the ship  is pulled closer and closer to the alien planet . Prehistoric birds begin to  appear .


Finally the wreckage of the ship sinks below the water and is lost forever .


Only remnants of the tall ship are left. And a prehistoric  bird .


Fantasy – or reality  ?


Acknowledgements :  Graphics AE . Apps : #BrainFeverApps_ FFA , Juxtaposer , InstaSize,  Google search free  images .

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