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A Beginning …

The Eagle Has Landed

The beginning of a dream…  Several years ago  I began a chaotic – and as yet incomplete journey –  to start a Word Press site .Interruptions, disruptions. The intention to write an impressive, thought provoking , diverse collection of great importance has shrunken to a mere few articles . But from the disappointment and frustration something surprising emerged – the beginning of a dream .

Even if your Word Press site is profoundly profound it requires an adjunct – something that will immediately attract  interest and entice the reader to travel further. And that of course is the illustrative material. The internet offers a generous , endless selection  of material . But I wanted something different . Something not only original , but something specific to what I was writing, something that was integral to the subject and visually arresting .

So began a discovery, a journey completely unexpected . Graphic design was once the unassailable and expensive territotory of the graphic designer . But as the internet continued its relentless onward progression a rapidly increasing collection of graphic apps began  Simple apps that would allow the proud parent a showground for the photos of their offspring . And increasingly complex apps – again the territory of the trained graphic artist .

I was intruiged . And I needed and wanted good graphics for my posts . So began months of experimentation . A solitary journey replete with splotches and blotches . And brain wracking encounters with technical data about which I knew nothing . But I kept trying . I have always  had a creative streak, but with the demands of family and work – the whirlpool that engulfs most of us – creativity mainly found expression in the garden .

This was completely new , unexplored territory . And slowly, increment by time consuming increment I found something quite unexpected happening . On my trusty workhorse of an old iPad and a humble stylus – and stretching a few brain cells – interesting colourful splotch free images began to emerge .And instead of  a catastrophic mess that had to be immediately deleted , there were surprisingly creative images . All of which further impelled my desire to explore and experiment .

I began the whole experiment using the simplest of apps and techniques . Ideas came flooding in . I learned by time consuming degrees to accept those ideas beyond my capabilities . And rejoiced when things suceeded far beyond my expectations . Finally I felt brave enough to create the image I have used here as a header .


I began by taking the unsuspecting eagle out of his natural habitat, erased the background and placed him on a rocky outcrop, using what is called an overlay technique . Then the fun began – swirling clouds gently encircled the eagle . The next choice of habitat was not so gentle . The intention was to create an alien environment that was was far different from the bird’s usual surroundings . For this I used a collection of apps especially designed to create a range of alien effects . The eagle had now landed – but where ?   * (All apps used will be identified at the end of this post . )


For the final indignity inflicted on the unsuspecting eagle , more alien effects were created . This time a threatening, unfriendly planet . And I was pleased with the final result . The image was well balanced and imaginative . If affirmed for me that I could competently create the images needed for my Word Press site . But the most exciting thing was the discovery of a creative ability , a skill I had no previous awareness of . Something I will delight in exploring.. the beginning of a dream .


❄️ I have described at length here the journey taken . And the way in which the images were created . Very much hope this will encourage someone like me – unsure of what they can achieve . Begin with something simple . The apps that allow you to erase background and overlay images are a good starting point . And don’t be disappointed at initial results . It took me several months and a lot of hard work before I was happy with the results . Many apps are user friendly . Make full use of online tutorials . And if an app is too difficult to navigate or cluttered with ads , don’t waste your time – there are plenty of apps to choose from .

And, if , as above , you have a time consuming workload , the graphic art is something that can be done at short intervals. In fact it is wonderfully relaxing  – a great way of taking time out .

Finally enjoy yourself ! Maybe you don’t have the necessary skills, but there is always something else to explore . And, if like me , you find an unexpected ability, have a wonderful and exciting journey !

{ Apps used :  #BrainFeverApps _FFA , Juxtapose  . Google search images }